Forces 2017

Wow- this is an important topic. Both the new S2 and some S3 will be completing this topic. You mustn’t take the books home as there will not be enough but I’ve added the materials below. The first is the booklet and then the pdf version of this. I’ll get the power point up as soon as I can.

FORCES need to know This is the sheet that gives an indication of what you ought to cover for the test

FORCES_9 word form of the notes used in class

FORCES_9 pdf form of the notes used in class

Forces_4 powerpoint presentation  Forces_4 pdf

Friction Note word Friction Note pdf  Additional notes for those that didn’t get to the end of the course.

This version has the rules and routines contained in the powerpoint!

Forces_5powerpoint presentation Forces_5 pdf

Here are the revision questions to test your knowledge of the unit

FORCES need to know Questions  (word)

FORCES need to know Questions (pdf)

This is the new topic for S2. It is based on the Second Road Safety part of the course, but as we have less time we are limited by what we can fit in. We will be doing most of the same material, just taking out the Road Safety theme, which we can save for S3.

One of the parts of the course, which will be assessed is doing an investigation to see how a spring stretches when loaded. This will need to be written up for assessment, and it is hoped that you will get your first taste of producing your table and graph in Excel. Help is given below.

plan investigation

Excel Hookes law instructions_2


Hooke’s Law

Covering lots of SALs Significant aspects of Learning!

plan investigation word plan investigation pdf

Mrs Physics is keen to get everyone using modern software, so as part of the forces topic you will complete a Hooke’s Law experiment and write this up like an old National 5 Outcome 1 and use Excel to create your table and graph. The instructions are given in the two booklets below.

Excel Tables pdf   Excel Tables word

Plotting Graphs pdf   Plotting Graphs word

If you were absent when doing the experiment you can use this data to plot your own graph.

example Hookes

mass addedlength 1length 2length 3length 4

We are not expecting you to be competent the first time through (as you can see from this student’s data), but hopefully by the time you get to S4 you’ll be quite happy to plot graphs this way.



Making a graph in Excel

Here are a couple of items to help you produce a graph in EXCEL. There is the original power point and then a pdf version of the same file.

I hope it helps!

How to create a graph in excel

Excel  basic powerpoint from years ago Excel the powerpoint published as a pdf file

Guide to excel 5795

Guide to Excel 664898

How to create a graph in excel

For the really able there is also information in the Advanced Higher section of the website under the project section

Guide to Excel 2010 (AH).