Energy and Sound Resources

Here are the Resources for the Energy and Sound S1 Topic. The first link is the Need to know sheet and can be used to help your child know what might be assessed. The second link is the current power point presentation and you can find older versions further down.

Energy and Sound ppp

Energy and Sound pdf

Need to know sheet

Want to know what to revise? Then check over your need to know sheet and make flashcards of all the important information.

We’ve put together an Energy and Sound Topic. First we will look at  forms of Energy and energy converters. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore and experiment. Check out the steam engine and workshop, but do follow the teachers’ instructions.


Then we will look at waves and sound. I will have to be careful about what I upload here, as there are materials that we have got the licence for in school but not for me to upload here. There is plenty of fun stuff and we hope you will continue exploring more at home. Start finding out where Energy and Sound are important in your everyday lives: but turn down the headphones they are probably permanently damaging your hearing!

Some of you are on to sound levels and drawing sound levels so if you can get on to TEAMS or are at a school in SCOTLAND you ought to have access to the VIRTUAL FLASH LEARNING. In the Intermediate 1 section of Sound and Music you can see these traces.

You can also be involved in the Royal Society Hearing Project. We have been awarded nearly three thousand pounds by the Royal Society to test every students’ hearing for those that want to be involved. We can also check your headphones and see if your music levels are likely to be causing you permanent hearing damage. You can read about it here, in the blog.



this is a word document, see below for a pdf version.


Energy & Sound Main Workbook

energy-sound-11 This is the most up to date form of the topic, but is not yet completed.

energy-sound-11  This document is a pdf copy of the powerpoint above which you ought to be able to read. If you are going to print it off, I recommend 6 pages to a sheet.

energy-circus A list of experiments for energy. wear goggles and tie your hair back, things could get fun!

energy-changes-worksheet Alternative energy circus, with far more chemistry in than the previous example.

energy-changes-worksheet A pdf version an alternative energy circus, with far more chemistry in than the previous example.


the-steam-engine or as a pdf the-steam-engine.pdf

You will use the Energy Transfer Unit by Gatesby, answer the questions in the sheet below.

energy-transfer-unit     energy-transfer-unit


transverse-and-longitudinal-waves The pdf version

transverse-and-longitudinal-waves Word version

waves-and-radiation-summary-notes1 This is a set of notes for the old intermediate 1 course, only a few of these pages are relevant.

Sound Resources

sound-levels-teacher-background Why is that such debate about the sound level scale? sound-levels-teacher-background pdf

sound2 The activinspire sheet saved as a pdf file.

drawing sound waves worksheet

Drawing Sound Waves Worksheet answer

sound tutorial 1 Speed distance and time calculations for the speed of sound. sound tutorial 1 pdf

ear to label

ear labelled

Questions and practical tasks sound

summary of sound How much have you learned? A revision sheet for you to show what you know (or find out what you don’t and fix it!)

summary of sound.pdf

What I should have learned


Energy & Sound Homework

Your teacher will tell you which homework you are expected to complete. You can always try some of the other homework pieces as revision.

I’ve collated the homework that you will be asked to complete into one booklet. There is a word and pdf version.



energy-homework-1 write-on special write on version

energy-homework-1-not-write-on word version

energy-homework-1-not-write-on pdf version

Here is a revision homework so that you can learn the forms of energy.

forms and stores of energy

forms and stores of energy



Custard Powder Energy Conversion homework sheet. I hope you can see this experiment in class. Please note each file below has a write on sheet as page 1 and two copies of a non-write on sheet on page two. Only print off what you would need.

storing-energy-custard  or storing-energy-custard

Linking energy with sound

sound-homework-sheets-1-3 or as a pdf


Hope you enjoy this topic. I think we will be adjusting it in the future.


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